This will be an "autobiography".
I'm writing it myself.
Hi . . . I'm Jeff!

I was born in
Ventura, California.
I haven't ALWAYS
been "musical",
This is me at four months old:

No instruments in sight . . .


On my third birthday,
something had changed!

Here I am with my first 'band'
"The Tide", with my sister
Joanne - the 'Go-Go Dancer',
brother Mike on Tambourine,
and our drummer, Uncle Jimmy.

I had already started
writing songs about
this time (six years old).

But, it's hard to make it as
a band when no-one actually
plays their instruments!
So, I went out on my own
and started taking lessons!

Nine Years Old
at "Ress Studios"

I kept writing songs, and
kept practicing . . .
studied music theory, and
around 1980 started
performing professionally.

Life changes all the time,
and I've changed,
like everyone else.

Sometimes when I look back
at pictures, I don't
recognize myself!


At the very beginning of 1995
I moved to Nashville,
I have always loved all kinds
of music, including Country,
and Nashville seemed like
where I needed to be.
After all, it's "Music City"
and the home of so much
I had started writing songs
in about 1967, so songwriting
is very important to me!

In the late nineties, I enjoyed
performing around Nashville
with my backing band,
The Big Dogs!

I enjoyed my 16 1/2 years
in Nashville! I was
even a sponsor of the
local Minor League
baseball team once
upon a time!

(Trying to get a hit
as a Nashville Sound!)


Along the way, I've had my
songs used in movies,
documentaries, and
played on radio.

I have also added more
instruments to my 'arsenal' . . .

I inherited my grandfather's
tenor banjo, and my
grandmother's accordion.

Added a mandolin in
the late 80's:

Somewhere along the way, I
bought a cheap fiddle:

My 50th Birthday gift was a Ukulele!

And yes, I have other instruments
that I don't use in live
performances . . .
including bass and drums.


About 2008, I started
performing in Senior Facilities
in Nashville. Then, in 2011
moved myself and my business
to Houston, Texas!
Senior Facilities have been
the focus of my live
performances for years now.
(Of course, I still perform
my originals and some
"other" shows!)

After the tragedy of the
Covid-19 Pandemic made
performances AT
Senior Facilities
impossible, I started
SeniorShows.Live to
CONTINUE entertaining
some of my favorite people!

And I look forward to
many years of performing
live for seniors via
SeniorShows.Live !

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